Sigma Alpha Zeta and Hermanos Unidos are eager and willing to work with the university to take up the challenge of diversifying our institutions. As a result, the College Link Outreach Program continues to be executed to the fullest to meet the need of these underrepresented students and to introduce these same students to the great university system that is the University of California.



The origins of Hermanos Unidos came from a discussion on the need for a male-oriented Chicano/Latino organization on the UC Berkeley campus in 1989. The purpose of this organization was to provide a support mechanism for incoming freshman and existing Chicano/Latino male students. There needed to be a place where we as hombres could converse on a more personal level and an environment that promoted the achievement of our own distinct goals and our collective goal of empowering our people.


The three foundational pillars of Hermanos Unidos are Academic Scholarship, Social Interaction, and Community Service. Academic Scholarship reflects the primary reason why an Hermano attends an institution of higher learning: to receive a quality education. Community Service represents a Hermano's commitment to community involvement. Social Interaction will seek to make the transition from high school/community college, to undergraduate life less traumatic and more meaningful for incoming Hermanos. Fulfilling the three pillars leads to the development of partnerships and alliances necessary for successfully accomplishing the mission of Hermanos Unidos. Thus, all three pillars should be approached with equal amount of concern, time, and intensity.




In 1992, a group of women at California State University, Fresno established a organization that aimed to promote multiculturalism, community service and education. The motivation behind the creation of this organization was to help with the lack of unity amongst women of color on their campus and the need for a group that embraced these differences with open arms. These women envisioned a multicultural group that could bridge the gap between women of all walks of life.


Sigma Alpha Zeta stands for the empowerment of women through education, sisterhood, diversity and community service. Our purpose is to enhance personal growth, create networks, strive for excellence and support the upward mobility of women. Our goals are to maintain academic excellence, engage in campus activities, foster sisterhood, and provide community service. We are a unique group of women who pride ourselves on diversity of culture, personalities and interests; we offer an array of opportunities through extensive networks; we gain a more in depth experience by providing exposure to all aspects of campus life; we cultivate long friendships; we open up doors to help achieve future goals.