Hometown: Covina, CA

Year: 5th year

Major: I'm a Sociology Major, which is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. My Career goal is to become a Community College Counselor or a Student Program Coordinator to help Minority student be successful in higher education.

Alex Barajas

CLOP Coordinator

CLOP is important to me because I always been the type of person that wanted to give back to my community and help people in need especially minority students. This program has given me an amazing opportunity to help students believe in themselves, that they are able to go to college and be successful students no matter where they are from.


Hometown: Sylmar, CA

Year: 4th year

Major: I am going into my last year of my Computer Science major. It has been a difficult journey, but it is well worth it. This field provides a lot of security in terms of job finding and knowledge of other fields. I hope to focus on computer security in the near future, and I am aiming for an internship or entry position to fill my time after my upcoming graduation.

Cristobal Caballero


This program provides hope for those who need it. The students we bring to UCSB usually lack academic resources or support, so it brings me joy to see the impact we can make in every single one of their lives. My parents always told me that they didn’t cross borders, fight to survive and send me to college just because they wanted me to have an education. Instead, my parents told me to use my skills and knowledge to give back to the community that helped raise me and those in a similar situation. This program gives the team and I the opportunity to help those who need it, so we do so humbly and happily.


Hometown: Santa Ana, CA

Year: 2nd year

Major: Environmental Studies

Jesse Camano


I attended two different conferences while in high school that influenced me to continue onto higher education. I want to give back to students so that they can have similar experiences and get them thinking a bit about their future. I volunteered last year during housing rounds and spent a lot of time with the blue team, making connections with many of the students.


Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

Year: 1st year

Major: Sociology, which is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. In other words the study of social problems.

Fernando Argueta


CLOP is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to give back and help students pursue a better future for themselves and their loved ones.


Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Year: 3rd year

Major: Global Studies

Brian Hernandez


CLOP is important to me because it gives me a platform to encourage students to apply for college.


Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Year: 2nd year

Major: History

Eric Palacios


CLOP is important to me because of its ability to touch so many students in such a short period of time. The bonds that are created during these three days go unmatched, and these students truly begin to grasp the reality that their are no limitations to the height of their achievements. The College Link Outreach Program instills into these high schoolers that they are all capable individuals, and that their adversities will never define them or their futures.


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Year: 4th year

Major: Chicano Studies major. I am working to get experience so I can apply to Grad school and become a K-12 counselor.

Minors: Education & History

Juan Pedroza


CLOP is important to me because it creates a legacy of bright scholars who go on to do amazing things in the world!


Hometown: Culver City, CA

Year: 1st year

Major: Undeclared but leaning towards sociology

David Castillo


Clop is important to me because I know and understand the importance of higher education especially as a first generation student of color. I did a similar program during my junior year of high school and it taught me and motivated me to pursue higher education. So now that I’m on the other side of the spectrum, I want to give back to my community and help other students achieve higher education

20th Annual Facilitators



Hometown: Watsonville, CA

Year: 3rd year

Major: I am majoring in Sociology and Chicano Studies. I am particularly interested in studying masculinity in men of color, and providing resources to underrepresented students.

Pamela Velazquez

CLOP Coordinator

CLOP is important to me because it is a way to give back to my community and help provide resources for students like me. I am committed toward making a change in the education system and inspiring underrepresented students to strive for more. After playing a part in CLOP as last year's proud Blue Team Leader, I realized the impact the program had on the students and on the team. Being this years CLOP Coordinator, has allowed me to work for something greater than myself and has been a very humbling and rewarding experience.


Hometown: Concord, CA

Year: 3rd year

Major: Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics and Sociology. I am interested in public health and policy, and strive to be a Public Health Attorney

Rosi Saray


CLOP is a program that gives opportunities to students that weren’t meant to thrive under the current public education system. We give students the tools and resources that aren’t readily available in their communities and help them realize that they are more than what the stereotypes make them out to be.


Hometown: Hawthorne, CA

Year: 3rd year

Major: Financial Math and Statistics

Kassandra Perez


CLOP is important to me because it gives students, like myself, exposure to college and the program shows us that we can do so much with our lives regardless of the struggles we face back home. CLOP showed me that I am able to pursue a higher education regardless of where I come from. If it weren’t for CLOP, I wouldn’t be where I am today


Hometown: Huntington Park, CA

Year: 4th year

Major: Global Studies

Minor: Labor Studies

Kathleen Gutierrez


I come from one of the communities CLOP outreaches to and as a high schooler I had nobody that I could go to with my questions about college. I know that if I felt that way, a lot of other students in my community must feel the same way too and that CLOP can help give students the guidance they need. CLOP is important to me because I believe it truely helps students plan for their futures in ways that their families and communities can’t sometimes.


Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Year: 5th year

Major: Psychology & Chicana/o Studies

Career Interest: Immigration Law

Sarah Martinez


As a first-generation Latina, I think it’s crucially important to continue going back to our former communities and show current high school students that attaining post-secondary education is possible, regardless of your race or where you may come from. Students of color face similar struggles when it comes to the college application process; lack of information, no guidance, and overall insufficient resources. As much as my mother wanted to help or provide me with answers, the majority of it all fell on my shoulders. I became a part of CLOP because I believe every student deserves the same opportunity to succeed and I want to contribute my efforts to helping those who are now in the same shoes I was once in.


Hometown: Manteca, CA

Year: 3rd year

Major: Statistical Sciences

Minor: Education

Marisol Hernandez


Marginalized groups are constantly put down and are limited in terms of education preventing them to develop the confidence to become successful. Though discouraging, these challenges fueled my drive to overcome the scrutiny and social restrictions I constantly faced every single day and help blaze the trail for more to follow. I believe that programs, such as CLOP, are essential to provide the tools and confidence students need to reach any goal in life. I wanted to get involved with CLOP because I was once in the same shoes of our CLOPers so I understand how intimidating and difficult applying to college must seem at first glance. I hope to share my own experience, as well as the guidance and advice I received that shaped me into the young dreamer I am today and hope that it can do the same to any other aspiring student and help accelerate the timetable to reach their goals in life.


Hometown: El Monte, CA

Year: 2nd year

Major: Currently I am undeclared and have focused on exploring different areas of interest to find my calling. I am currently very interested in my economics class, which has slowly been persuading me to look into that or accounting.

Minor: Spanish

Jocelyn Gonzalez


Growing up education is something that has always been ingrained in my head, however it was hard to know the steps to follow in order to get here. CLOP offers students the tools necessary to pursue higher education, which is something I myself lacked as a first generation student and would like to offer to others through our program. Coming from a low income community it was hard to travel and see beyond my community and I believe CLOP offers the opportunity for students to see beyond their horizons while offering them support and hope for a better tomorrow.


Hometown: Corcoran, CA

Year: 4th year

Major: Anthropology emphasis in Archaeology. Certifications in Personal Training and Health & Wellness Coaching. Career goals include increasing accessibility to resources that promote health & wellbeing in underrepresented communities.

Daisy Chavez


CLOP has a special place in my heart because I am thankful for the individuals during my high school career who pushed me to pursue a higher education regardless of my background. Additionally, I believe that increasing accessibility to resources that promote higher education empower individuals whom may have not had the chance to see past a high school education.


Hometown: Carson, CA

Year: 4th year

Major: Biological Sciences
I hope to either attend Medical School or graduate school to study Endocrinology. Studying autoimmune diseases to create better treatments or cures and improve the health of many.

Ulysses Leyva


CLOP allows for people to take their futures seriously and I hope the program can engrain in the mind of students that the world is much larger than you think and it can be yours if you're willing to take it, hopefully for their own betterment and for those around them.


Red Team Leaders


Hometown: Fremont, CA

Year: 3rd Year

Major(s): Sociology 

Minor: Applied Psychology

Career Interest: Future Police

Why is CLOP important to you?

CLOP allows students to realize their full potential because it's hard to understand how much you are capable of until you're given the ability to do so.

Advice to applicants?

As a team leader my biggest goal to create a community of acceptance and care. Regardless of your race, class, sexuality, etc, I want everyone to feel included and welcome and to strive to become to the best version of themselves.


Hometown: Coalinga, CA

Year: 3rd Year

Major(s): Sociology and Chicano Studies Double Major

Why is CLOP important to you?

CLOP has provided me an outlet to help change the lives of students and a new focus on a potential career route by using my upbringing and position in higher education to share my story, to possibly instill a hope in someone else of pushing themselves to new limits academically. In addition, CLOP has helped me grow as a person in my time invested into the program, helping me learn more about myself than I originally imagined.

Advice to applicants?

Take into consideration how amazing of an opportunity this is, and believe me it can change your life in the span of three days. This program is successful for a reason, and everyone who has a chance to, should experience CLOP.

Blue Team Leaders

Green Team Leaders

Orange Team Leaders


Hometown: La Puente, CA

Year: 4th year

Major(s): Global Studies

Minor: Labor Studies

Career Interest: I would like to work for a nonprofit immigration firm like CHIRLA. Right now I currently intern with the athletics communication department at UCSB which made me grow a passion for public relations.

Why is CLOP important to you?

CLOP is really important to me because I know that with knowledge comes great power and freedom. As a first gen college student, I never believed college could be a possibility for me. I didn’t know where to start or how I would even pay for it, I had to figure everything out by myself. CLOP is able to give students the tools to make college a definite possibility and inspire them to overcome any adversities. Your struggles do not define your future.

Advice to applicants? I’m so excited to meet all of y'all!


Hometown: Inglewood, CA

Year: 1st Year

Major(s): Communications

Career Interest: Teaching of effective communication and how it applies to media, law, etc. I wish to work for an LA sports team as community affairs chair.

Why is CLOP important to you?

CLOP is important to me because it’s a link between students from where I’m from and where I am today. A lot of students back home don’t understand the value or even the importance of higher education due to the lack of resources. It’s important to make sure to give these students the drive to see it through high school and reach new heights.

Advice to applicants? Be on top of deadlines! Don’t let procrastination ruin the opportunity of a life time. Turn in any and all information when asked to do so please.


Hometown: Torrance, CA

Year: 4th Year

Major(s): Communication

Minor: Education

Why is CLOP important to you?

CLOP exposes students to great opportunities they can take advantage of when the time comes. It allows students to grow and become more aware of what they are capable of. It is very important to me because I come from a low-income, underrepresented community, therefore, I understand how difficult it is to come from this upbringing.

Advice to applicants? Do not be afraid to apply! You can be one of the 150 students to come to UCSB, you won’t regret it!


Hometown: Firebaugh, CA

Year: 3rd Year

Major(s): Sociology

Career Interest: My potential career interest entails Business Administration

Why is CLOP important to you?

I love this program because of the students and I want to share my struggles and experiences being a first generation student coming from an underrepresented community. I want to motivate students to pursue higher education and for those may not have the opportunity, I want to make sure they know how to plan for their future and have ambition to reach their potential in whatever they want to do.

Advice to applicants? Tell us about yourself and show us how driven you are!


Hometown: Coachella, CA

Year: 3rd Year

Major(s): Environmental studies

Concentration: Public Health

Why is CLOP important to you?

CLOP is important to me because of the impact it has on students' lives and our lives as leaders. I want to help students find the confidence to seek higher education. I believe anything is possible when you set your mind to it. As leaders, we are helping students by paving a path and providing resources so they can achieve their goals.

Advice to applicants? Your success is dependent on your outlook in life. Follow your dreams, ALWAYS, and work hard for what you wish you accomplish.



Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

Year:  1st Year

Major(s): Psychological and Brain Sciences

Interests: Becoming a psychologist at a state prison and working with inmates or becoming a sports psychologist.

Why is CLOP important to you?

CLOP is important to me because it provides students from tough backgrounds to be able to explore and experience college. CLOP inspires students to want to achieve higher education no matter who they are or where they come from and plant hope in them.

Advice to applicants? My advice is to give it your best shot and come in with an open mind and heart in order to experience CLOP to the best of their ability.

Yellow Team Leaders


Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Year: 4th Year

Major(s): Linguistics 

Minor: Education

Emphasis: Speech Language Sciences and Disorders

Career Interests: I hope to be a Speech and Language Pathologist and work with children with speech impediments.

Why is CLOP important to you?

I am the first out of 10 kids to go to college. It was very difficult to look into any colleges and prepare since nobody in my family had ever gone through this process. Fortunately, I had my school directors and counselors advocating for me, taking me to visit colleges, and helping me prepare. I know that not everyone has people like this and that’s why CLOP is so important. We’re here to advocate for you and help you in every way you need!

Advice to applicants? Be yourself and show us who you are when applying!


Hometown: Coachella, CA

Year: 4th Year

Major(s): Chicano Studies/Sociology; juvenile justice and ethnic studies education

Minor: Black Studies

Why is CLOP important to you?

CLOP is important to me because it gives youth of color the opportunity to get information and gain knowledge regarding higher education, as well as motivate them to pursue a degree.

Advice to applicants? Show your character. Be honest. Tell us your story. Demonstrate who you are as a person.

A program ran by students for students...